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Bernie Lowe & Associates, Inc.

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Fax: 641-260-8302

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Employee Profiles

Each employee at BLA is required to carry an Iowa Insurance License, so anyone who contacts our organization can immediately work with a professional and knowledgeable agent.

Skip Lowe, President
Skip is President and CEO of Bernie Lowe & Associates, Inc. (BLA), and he oversees the sales and administration activities of BLA’s 150,000 insured lives.  He is also directly involved in marketing to new client prospects.  “BLA’s number one goal is the delivery of outstanding service to our clients, whether someone is ordering a new ID card or dealing with a sensitive claim issue, savings are quickly forgotten when poor service is experienced,” Skip says.  “Providing clients a readily available, caring, and knowledgeable insurance professional is paramount to our success.  Carrying on this legacy of service for a second generation is simply an indescribable honor.  It is the respect of family that motivates me to foster a family-like atmosphere at BLA — our clients agree.”

Kathryn (Brown) Polson, GBDS, Senior Vice President
Kathryn joined BLA in July 2008 and works with the commercial division (50+ employee groups).  Kathryn has over 5 years of experience in the Human Resources area in addition to multiple years of experiences in the non-profit arena.  Her work with BLA includes administering COBRA, processing eligibility, working with Benergy, marketing insurance products, handling claim/service issues for our clients, and preparing reports.  Her technological expertise is a great asset to both BLA and our clients.  Kathryn understands the client’s point of view and believes in doing the leg work to provide the best quality products and services to the BLA clients.

Tim Lowe, Vice President of Marketing
Tim became a member the BLA team in 2004 and is extremely active in the sales and marketing of the organization.  In his leading role as a producer, Tim focuses his efforts on developing new business, reaching out to our valued clients, and is always quick to remedy any challenges our clients may face.  “It’s always such a huge honor for me to see a smile on our client’s face — that’s what it’s all about at BLA.”

Duane Litogot, Performance Specialist
Duane joined BLA January 2012. His broad experience includes not only utilization control, but also senior account management of large employer benefit programs with a focus on self-funded medical and insured non-medical coverage. Duane’s responsibilities included management of all service delivery to the client, long term strategic planning, benefit consulting, program financial analysis, and plan design recommendation.  Duane will enhance our claim analytics and utilization management to assure our clients’ of “premium” and claim efficiency.

Jane Underwood - Senior Account Executive, (Underwriter)
Jane joined BLA in 2010 and works in the commercial division (50+ employee groups).  She has over 25 years of experience working with employee benefit programs, having worked with both insurance companies and independent agencies.  She has underwritten large group health plans, managed an information systems department, and facilitated implementation and service of individual and executive benefits as well as employer-sponsored benefit programs.  She has expertise in COBRA and client services.  Jane earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Drake University.  Her analytical and organizational skills, experience with marketing and negotiating benefit costs, and her enthusiasm for explaining and communicating technical report packages are assets for BLA’s clients.

Linda Lowe – Account Executive
Linda originally joined BLA in 2000.  She has a background as a personal lines agent before joining BLA.  In 2011, Linda became part of the commercial division (50+ employee groups).  Her work at BLA includes marketing and servicing employee benefits products, processing eligibility updates, and administering COBRA.  She works from the Grinnell office to help serve the area clients.  Her dedication to the company and its success is demonstrated by providing quality products and services to BLA clients.

Chrystal Damm, Account Executive
Chrystal joined BLA in April of 2010.  She comes to us with a background assisting Human Resources and accounting.  She assists the large group Account Executives with all their administrative support and eligibility processing.  She keeps assists account executives to remain organized and ready to assist clients with the best service possible, so we can go “Beyond the Product”.

Lacey Anderson, Account Executive
Lacey joined BLA in April of 2012.  She has worked in the insurance business before and has an administrative assistant and receptionist background. She assists the staff with all their administrative needs with determination and enthusiasm.